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27 July 2009

Yasmin Ahmad 1958-2009

Dear folks, there seems no end to the bad news and this was one of the worse and saddest. What a shock to all who loved her films and her ads for Petronas.

I have known Yasmin a long time, at least 20 years. I wouldn't say we were friends but we knew each other and certainly have many friends in common. Occasionally we have had disagreements but talent is talent and there is no doubt that Yasmin had oodles of that. Even though some said she could be too soppy, she did have a way of capturing the right note to touch our hearts.

This Petronas ad, the Love of Tan Hong Ming, is one of my favourites:

Perhaps one thing few people knew about Yasmin is that she was also a talented singer and pianist. Long long ago we used to listen to her sing jazzy numbers in that warm sultry voice of hers.

Now she is no more. Most Malaysians I am sure send their condolences to her family and wish that she may rest in peace. Unfortunately there are some truly low creatures at that despicable rag called Kosmo who are determined to defame her and her legacy. The family is devastated. Yasmin has hardly been buried and Kosmo has already started to publish all sorts of trash about her. To what end, except to sell their rag and make their readers even more stupid. Instead of honouring someone who has believed so much in what Malaysia and Malaysians can be, Kosmo has chosen instead to sully her reputation. Is there no decency among the editors and reporters there?

If you are equally disgusted by Kosmo, please protest and call for a boycott of them. Is this how we remember those who have served their country well? Is this OneMalaysia?

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