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11 October 2009


YES, we lost but those who were behind PAS sure did believe that they backed the right organisation. Perhaps, it is time to put rhetorics aside and get down to asking the WHY we lost, HOW did we lose, WHAT we need to do. We just lost a battle. Lets lick our wounds and do some soul searching. Probably we were too "drunk" with past successes. Pakatan Rakyat needs to bare themselves BARE and decide once and for all: Are we a coalition that is united only for elections? Have we the moral courage to amputate or cauterize what can be saved. It is about time we be humble and say we did not do some things right. What those wrong things are we need to talk about them.

Let me put on record that it was an honor working beside YB Dzulkifly Ahmad, YB Salahuddin Ayub, YB Mafuz and our calon Dr. Zul. Gentlemen, we will bend our knees in humility but will immediately rise to fight another day.

My gratitude also goes to the Special Bunch and all those who helped us financially, and who harbored us in our quest to do what we like to do best: fight for change. People I salute you....we will walk again together another time. Go home now to your family, satisfied that you gave your best.
We have to learn many lessons in this ardous journey. People, I salute you


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