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21 July 2009

Najib's Liberalisation Policy And Che Det..

Teman sebebenonye setuju dengan Che Det. Bukan sebab racist .... sebab teman dah cakap orang cina bukan sahaja bijak ekonomi tapi bijak berpolitik.... Tengok Orang Cina Pandai Berstrategi....Bila MP Umno Nak ...
Liberalisation policy memang merugikan orang melayu. Itu semua kita tau...dan rasionalnya polisi ini pun kita tak tau apakah tepat ataupun tidak? Singapura, Hong Kong, Taiwan dan lain-lain juga tiada polisi 30% pemilikan ekuiti bumiputera untuk pasaran saham mereka tetapi dalam keadaan gawat sekarang ini....pasaran saham mereka juga suram. Sama dengan BSKL. Jadi apa kena mengena dengan liberalisation policy?
Yang pastinya Najib cuma mahukan sokongan kaum Cina dan India yang semakin menjauhi Barisan Nasional. Itu sahaja dan itulah yang ingin disampaikan oleh Che Det...

Dr M says the Chinese are the real masters of the country
By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 — In what appeared to be a veiled criticism of the prime minister’s economic reforms, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad played the race card in a posting on his blog yesterday by claiming that non-Malays, and particularly the Chinese, were the real masters of the country.

While he did not name the prime minister, Mahathir put up a stout defence of the NEP with well-worn arguments in what appeared to be an expression of concern over the current administration’s economic liberalisation policies.

“Because they (the Malays) are willing to share their country with other races, the race from the older civilisation of more than 4,000 years and who are more successful, as such today whatever they have now is also being taken away from them,” he wrote in what appeared to be a reference to the Chinese community.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has announced reforms to the capital markets, taking away the 30 per cent Bumiputera requirement, sparking concerns among some Malays that government protection for them was being taken away.

The prime minister also announced recently the setting up of a merit-based scholarship programme in what was seen as an attempt to appease the non-Malay communities who have been complaining of unfair distribution of aid for top students.

But Mahathir argued in his latest blog post that 39 years after the NEP was introduced, the Bumiputera share of the corporate pie remained at just 20 per cent while the Chinese share stood at 50 per cent even though they consisted of just 26 per cent of the population.

“The Bumiputera property holdings are only 15 per cent while the rest are held by non-Bumiputeras because urban property is worth more than rural property.

“Non-Malay leaders who put themselves in the shoes of the Malays, if they are honest, will feel the disappointment of the Malays in seeing nearly all business and industry in the hands of the non-Malays.”

Those who lived in high-end housing estates were mostly non-Malays, he said while claiming that a significant number of Malays lived in squatter houses.

The latest remarks by Dr Mahathir, who still commands significant support among Umno members, could potentially stoke nationalist sentiments against Najib’s reforms.

In defending the NEP, Mahathir is also signalling once again his displeasure with some of Najib’s policy directions.

Last week, Mahathir criticised the government for reversing his policy of teaching science and mathematics in English.

In his latest comments, the fiery former PM said the NEP was not introduced by force, or by seizing assets, but was even amended many times when there were non-Malay objections.

He pointed out, in oft-heard arguments made by Malay nationalists, that the Malays had gave non-Malays voting rights and citizenship during independence.

“At that time the official name for the country was the Federation of Malay States (Semenanjung Tanah Melayu) but when it was joined with Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak it became Malaysia.
“With that, the identity of the Malays in their own country was lost,” he said.

Mahathir anticipated that “with this article I am sure to be branded a racist by the non-Malay racists”.

“But if they are willing to accept the truth they can compare the sacrifices of the Malays who are the original owners of this land with their sacrifices for the interests of the country.”

He argued that the way forward for peace and progress was for the distribution of wealth in the country to be fair even if unequal.

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...written by Abraham, July 21, 2009
You are just a greedy, sick old man who needs psychiatric counselling, Mahathir. When will you ever stop raising racial sentiments? Will you stop only when your children get all the government contracts?Will you stop only when you and your cronies get all the contracts? Stop championing Malay cause because you were never really interested in them. You will never stop at anything until you get what you want. That is the Malabari streak in you. Not the Malay part because you knew all along that the Malabari part of you was dominant.


...written by Krishna, July 21, 2009
Tun, Is this not a damnation of your rule of 22 years. What did you do to uplift the poor Malays who have been living in the squatter areas during your time. The cost one house of Khir Toyo can be used to build a whole modern Malay kampong. Who made the likes of Francis Yeoh and Vincent Tan rich? Who allowed Linggam to dictate who can be appointed/promoted as judges.


...written by StandUpForMalaysia, July 21, 2009
“But if they are willing to accept the truth they can compare the sacrifices of the Malays who are the original owners of this land with their sacrifices for the interests of the country.” But some Malaysian Chinese or Indians have been here longer (some since the Melaka Sultanate days) than some Indonesian Malay Malaysians who emigrated here less than 2 generations ago. Does Dr M measure citizenships with the number of generation one family has been here?


...written by Abdul 'Afuw, July 21, 2009
What more can I say. Maybe what can really satisfy Mahathir is for all non-Malays to get out of Malaysia and 'return' Malaysia to the non-Malays. Then he can have a racially pure Malaysia without any taint of Chinese or Indian blood. Opps, sorry, he'll be back in India if that's the case, so maybe not.


...written by Billy, July 21, 2009
Wow, I didn't know that - we, the Chinese, are the masters of this country. Thanks, Doc, for this new info, but then again, NO THANKS! How can we be masters when people like you, who are not even Malays, are calling the shots. We are not masters but Malaysians of equal standing with my Malay, Indian, Kadazan and Iban brothers and sisters. Whether you like it or not, our socio-political leanings are evolving and the sooner you realise that, the better, instead of spewing hatreds. For your info, all the Chinese in this country are not Lim Goh Tong, Francis Yeo, Vincent Tan or Robert Kuok.


...written by Chae Lian, July 21, 2009
“... compare the sacrifices of the Malays who are the original owners of this land..." I thought the Orang Asli are the original owners of this land? In which case, they have certainly sacrificed more than the Malays!


...written by Benkaiser, July 21, 2009
Having only achieved 20% after 39 years of NEP strongly suggests that this policy is not working as it intended to. Does it mean it takes another 39 years to reach 40%? I would like to quote a Chinese proverb, 'You can't force the bull to drink unless it wants to drink' Why only 20% after 39 years? Apart from the Alibaba deals, I tell you why. It is the culture. There needs to be tectonic fundamental shift in the Malay culture and attitude towards embracing entrepreunerism. After 39 years, it is time to change to another approach.


...written by Bigjoe, July 21, 2009
Coming at this time, this is the worst thing the old man has done. He is adding fuel to fire. Najib is caught a rock and a hard place.. Its not going to take much to burn everything down now...


...written by Jtan, July 21, 2009
Tun, I respect you as the PM who brought Malaysia into the limelight. But you have forgotten that in your book you state that Malays are naturally laid back. If you see the Chinese, they work long hours to ensure a future for their offsprings and sometimes their extended family. Even the mamak (which includes you) are equally hardworking as the Chinese saving money to send back home. The Malay entrepreneurs are given so much opportunity but they waste it on cars, houses, furnishings and dangdut. The Malays on the streeets that I befriended in the course of my work, leisure and meals are not happy with the government at all. Why?? Only the elite gets to enjoy the spread. It is an 100% fact that you have to support the Malays to get your votes, unfortunately so. As my fellow readers have put it, most of the Malays are not true Malay. To practice the Malay custom and being a Muslim does not make you Malay at all. The same goes if a Chinese practices Judaism and practice Jewish customs doesn't make one a Jew. He will have no rights if he goes back to Israel and claim his rights. The first ruler of Melaka, Parameswara is Indian. So are your ancestors. DNA can be so right.


...written by mahathir_can_say, July 21, 2009
mr mamak wants the poor malays to revolt against the rich chinese and not the rich malays this is called protecting the interests of the malays, you cant blame him, he is one of the richest malay around... ok half malay if u want to be technical. but poor malays are not blinded and ignorant anymore. they will demand accountability from the rich regardless of race. and so will the poor indians and the poor chinese. let this struggle be economic and not racial. let the rich grow a conscience and start giving back.


...written by zenophobic, July 21, 2009
Dr M, Bapa of all Mamaks, with due respect to you, I think it is time for you to shut up!! You are not helping this beloved country of ours during this difficult period. The country is trying to "mature" politically but you are preventing it from doing so. Stop your damning politicking. Enough is enough.


...written by Paul Ong, July 21, 2009
Pordah TDM, In a capitalist environment the best and the most talented should be the winner, this is called winning by merit. From what I see, Malaysia is like a ship in the deep blue sea with the the captain who lost his navigational tools, the ship is only turning in circles. If the Gomen is serious about creating a Malaysian race, then religion should be discarded from politics and the people should be allowed to marry across religious line without converting to each other religion, after some generations the true Malaysian race will emerge. To be fair to you and some of the Mamaks, you are all indeed a true Malaysian race but choose to ignore to be Malaysian Race and opt for to be so called Melayu. The Melayu race do not belong to Malaysia only, Indonesia also has millions of Melayu race.


...written by CLOng, July 21, 2009
Tun, we plead with you to please preach and promote racial unity, religious tolerance, peace and harmony in this beautiful country during your golden years. You will be remembered by posterity for the goodness that you do instead of the negative words. We wonder whether we can achieve the vision 1 Malaysia in the true sense over the next 50 years . Tun, you can help to achieve it if you want to. Please help.


...written by Joker, July 21, 2009
Mamakthir talking C**k again.


...written by damesore, July 21, 2009
Why blame the non Malays for taking away the economy pie. Why blame them for the Malays failure?They had been given all the opportunities and priviledges and hand fed for the last umpteenth years through the NEP. All financial aids were given to them . But why is it that they cant succeed? The simple reason:There were spoilt to the core and did not think they needed to work hard at all. In their minds set that being the 'prince of the earth', they feel that its their 'entitlement' to take the wealth of the non malays. Why bother to work hard when everything will be provided for. Is this a healthy mindset? It is this atttitude that destroy the whole nation of Malay and make them incapacitated with the existence of NEP. It is the NEP and lack of gvt support for the non Malays that make the non malays to work even harder to strive for success.Hardwork is key to success in life.There is no short cut to success. The Malays cant expect to continue to sit idly and expect the rest of the nations to work for them and bring the wealth to their doorstep. How shameful! Its time the Malays become independant from all crutches and learn to do business. Just imagine nurturing your child with spoilt love by giving them everything they desire,financing everything that they want but not teaching them how to work hard to earn a living. They will grow up to be bums! Come on, prove that the Malays can equally succeed by letting them learn business and trade through hardship and not through being 'sleeping partners' in corporates through NEPs.They must stand on their own feet and not take the easy way out by still depending on NEP. Dr M should be intelligent enough to decide if he wants the Malays to be 'prince of the earth' or 'bums of the earth'


...written by Jamal Malik, July 21, 2009
A very sick man hell bent on causing maximum damage so that his family and cronies can continue to suck the nation dry. I wonder how the likes of Vincent Tan, Lingam and Ananda Krishnan can suck up to him. He must be having a great time seeing these bunch of cronies sucking up to him. A pity he wont live long enough for PKR to come into power and go through all their accounts to determine their ill-gotten wealth.


...written by Habis Lah, July 21, 2009
Dear Tun, please do not infer any more my roots as China. I am a Malaysian and my children are Malaysians. So would their children. In different way from you, I have done my best for myself and Malaysian without any help from China. So dont credit China for my success. Not any more, please Tun


...written by Huang Siew Hock, July 21, 2009
Who is this person to say this? Was his ancestor from India? If we go by the definition by UMNO Penang, he is a squatter ! Right? What happened to his policy ? What did he do for the Malays during his regime? Why are the Malays still backward? Why was BM used as medium of instruction durimg his time? Wasn't it a mistake which he tried t o rectify by having English as a medium of instruction in teaching Mathematics and Science. Alas, it is too late! What is worse is that the new PM reversed his education policy! How many qualified students enter the University? And how many graduates are unemployable as a result of his policy? What is the use of turning Public Universities as a mill to churn out unemployable graduates into the job market. If they speak no English, how could they be employed? Private companies are not Santa Clauses! So, where do they turn to for jobs? Government sector! So, who impoverishes them? A man must be sincere. If he is not sincere, his true colours show up! S.H. Huang


...written by iS diSs 4 reAL ????, July 21, 2009
Bad breath ..............Need some antiseptic spray !


...written by lalaman, July 21, 2009
Dr. M's comment is a total waste of time to read. His remarks sows prejudice and jealousy. He's a stumbling block to a competitive country and the concept of 1Malaysia. Perhaps Dr.M is more willing to see Malaysia as a mediocre country, left far behind, and a destination lowly prefered even by foreign maids coz the people can only afford a paltry RM500. Wake up Dr. M, Malaysian chinese are not the ones Malays have to worry about! Its the competitive world out there they have to deal with.


...written by Manicome, July 21, 2009
Correct, Correct, Correct. You can fool some people all the time, all people some times but not all people all the time. You were given a chance to right the wrong but you still complain.


...written by tony, July 21, 2009
this is a sicko,,,old man,,who had his footing in society,,,he jsut want to see malaysia,,go down ,,


...written by hang tu wah, July 21, 2009
as a malay i strongly believe that, when we talk about ketuanan melayu or tanah melayu , tunjuk hero (like UMNO), like elephant with no fangs...but seriously, dalam hati melayu semua nak 'kow tim' dengan cina- in other words melayu seriously can't survive without them. frankly, i do need the malaysian chinese as to balancing the extrimist ideology either in religion or racial among the malays, so we could always be moderate and success, unlike the majority muslims in some other countries. so the racial parties is still important though to discuss their internal problems/rights and bring it forward and tolerate with each other. I do hope the moderation that all the racial community in Malaysia uphold until today will be continuously prospered and live longer. Thank you semua cina moderate. Don't worry, melayu still loves you! p/s leng cai midvalley, pda O2 gua rosak lagi laa...


...written by Desert Rose, July 21, 2009
Chinese was so pleased when this Bapak Mamak had said that Chinese was the largest tax contributor in this country. Didn't he mean that the Malaysia and Malays today are better off with this tax money. Look at the fact, Bumiputra's share of corporate pie has increased from zero to 20% after independance and it could be much more than 30% if government ownership is taken into consideration. What else more he wants from non-Malays. His way of fair distribution of wealth even if it's unequal, is to rob from the rich and poor (non-Malays) and give it free to the already rich (Malay cronies). This country doesn't need this Bapak of Racist a single day more.


...written by Pissed off, July 21, 2009
GOOD! Take away all our voting rights & we all don't have to pay a single cent to Income Tax! I' shall see how much taxes can they get from us without us contributing to taxes in this country. Don't cry over what we can do, but take a good hard look at your own before accusing us non-malays of taking away the wealth of this nations. Majority of us work hard for what we have today, we don't wait for handouts by the majority-based malay govt to halp us! Please do not insult us!


...written by Kunta Kinte, July 21, 2009
The old man is the typical lalang that he is. The Chinese and Indians who were brought to Malaya then are like the Africans that were brought to America to work the lands (Chinese were also in America to work the rail roads). In the case of American, it took a mighty chap called Abraham Lincoln to initiate the process of freedom and rights to the Negroes who are now rightly called African Americans. Malaysia is in the same process caused, not by the goodness of the heart of Najib (Mahathir would have to do likewise), but by the stark realities of the globalised world ...... Malays, Indians, Chinese are to be rightly called Bangsa Malaysia. Tun Mahathir is truly of a different era and has rightly been put to pasture.


...written by Man in the mirror, July 21, 2009
Dr.M... you are one old sick man that have nothing for the younger generations to remember by. You are the worse kind of human being . You are ultra racist. You are a MAMAK wearing a Malay coat. What ever you are defending you are only defending your cronies, sons and the Mamak clans. You and your gangs have not have enough of the monies that have been rob from this country and the rakyat. My dear fellow Malaysians especially the real Malays please do not fall into the trap that this Ultra Mamak is trying to set up for you. My only wish now is that this Ultra Mamak died in his sleep then I will open up a bottle of good red wine or whisky to celebrate his passing.


...written by Nick, July 21, 2009
RPK reminded us that Malays control practically every iimportant institution of power. So how can the Chinese be the real masters, unless unless, ... you go figure it out. I can't, I don't have the IQ of Tun.


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