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17 July 2009

Is Pas Really for All?

We received the following through email and thought some of you maybe interested. What do you think?
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-

Dear YB Khalid,

I think by now there are a host of comment on the unity govt issue, PAS call for a ban on SIS, your President condemning the 30% bumi requirement abolition and also selling of alcohol in S. Alam. For you info i am a non Muslim and had been a life long supporter of the opposition and obviously supported Pakatan last March. A combination of disgust for UMNO's arrogance, the impotence of their side kicks such as the MCA, MIC and Gerakan and aslo finally we (the non racial moderate voters) though that PKR, DAP and PAS speaking AND thinking as one ensure they lost the 2 third in Parliament and also 5 states. PAS slogan of "PAS for All" and your visit to a church soon after your win gave us hope that Pakatan is the original representative of One Malaysia, not them.

Boy, how things could have been so different after only 1 year. First we have your President and his Deputy wanting a Unity Govt with UMNO which ensures only membership for Malay Muslims only. Them a motion to ban SIS submitted by YOUR division. Whatever spin that your party try to put on this 2 issues, we the voters are sometimes smarter than you think and its hard to believe that the they just want to "talk" to UMNO and as for the motion its just "wrong wording" or something to that effect.

Obviously there are a great number of people in your party who thinks that they can now go do it alone or work with UMNO to capture the govt thus able to leave about half the rakyat out of the picture, the very same people who with the help of your DAP and PKR partners, supported PAS. The same people who had NEVER even THINK of supporting PAS in the past is now doing so because we believe that PAS had a newer, more progressive generation of leaders such as your self and we think to ourselves, 'boy finally a genuine 2 party system for Malaysia". How ironic that it takes the revered Tok Guru, a 80 year old leader to knock some senses into you guys, and that was barely enough.

I hope your party leaders and yourself please take a minute and reexamine what your REALLY mean by PAS for All and explain again to the people. Since all of you guys claim to be God fearing people, the last time i checked, in the eyes of God, misleading the people is considered a sin.

A very disappointed supporter.

S.L. Chan

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